We did it! On January 21, over 5 million of us worldwide, and over 100,000 in London, came to march, speak and make our voices heard. But it doesn’t end here - now is not the time to hang up our marching shoes - it’s time to get our friends, family and community together and make history.

Every 10 days, over the next 100, we will take action on an issue we all care about, STARTING TODAY.



Huddle (noun) - a small group of people holding an informal conversation

The Women’s March has generated unprecedented energy at the grassroots level. A historic 5 million people marched across the world at 645 marches in 84 different countries. 
To harness this energy, it’s not enough to send out action alerts or simply ask people to show up for marches and protests. To keep going, Marchers need to feel like they have a team to work with and agency to make impact. 

As the second action of the 10 Actions for the first 100 days campaign, we will encourage marchers and organisers around the world to host or attend neighbourhood-level "Huddles" over the period spanning Feb 1 -  Feb 11.

UPDATE: While the intended period for getting a huddle started was the within the first 10 days of February, this action has now been extended until April. You will continue to be able to RSVP to huddles and register after Feb 11 and we encourage you to do so!


  • For local marchers to meet each other,

  • Define what their vision for a future they want to see is

  • Discuss how they can work together to take specific actions to make that vision a reality

In order for a local "Huddle" group to take shape, both Hosts and Attendees are needed.
You can search for an existing huddle in your area, and RSVP, or opt to host your own, using our tool below.
Please select "UNITED KINGDOM" as your country from the drop-down menu.


Huddles should ideally be made up of 10-15 individuals, so why not volunteer as a host if those taking place in your area appear to be filling up fast? Huddles need not necessarily take place at an individual's home - pubs, coffee shops, libraries, community centres etc are all perfectly suitable venues for "huddling".

Click on the "Click to Host" or "Host At Another Location" button in our tool to create a new Huddle Event, which will automatically show up on our Map and Event list.
You will be able to select a date/time/location for your Huddle and insert some custom text of your choosing for your prospective attendees. You'll also be able to monitor your RSVPs, and send reminders to all your attendees closer to the time.  If hosting at a private address, feel free to list an approximate Street Address and PostCode, and subsequently pass on the specific location details to your RSVP confirmed attendees by email. 
We have compiled detailed resources and documentation about creating your new Huddle Event; registering it (very important so we can document the vital strength of numbers within the movement); inviting attendees, and running the Huddle Event on the day. You can access these by downloading our Huddle Host Guide below.


  • While we encourage managing your Huddle event through our Event platform and toolkit, you are more than welcome to organise one in a private capacity. The Huddle intiative is offered as a modular framework of suggestions for community-based mobilisation, that makes provision for the varied needs and interests of the people taking part.
    If you plan on inviting people to your Huddle independent of our platform, please do still register it here using the "Click to Host" or "Host At Another Location" buttons above, and simply set the "Maximum number of attendees" field on the Event Page to "1".
    This aids us in maintaining an accurate record of numbers and data relevant to the 10 Actions campaign and Women's March movement.

  • Please do not tick the box on the Event Creation Page labelled "Private Event Hide from Public Searches" if you would like your Event's pin to be visible on our map. Doing so will block your event from appearing on this page's Map or Listings. However, if you'd prefer to tick this box and make your event invisible, don't worry, your event will still register on our Event statistics and contribute to our official numbers.

Your role as a Host or Attendee is a critical part of how we keep the Women’s March spirit alive, build the movement beyond those who marched, and set a concrete plan of action.




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