We did it! On January 21, over 5 million of us worldwide, and over 100,000 in London, came to march, speak and make our voices heard. But it doesn’t end here - now is not the time to hang up our marching shoes - it’s time to get our friends, family and community together and make history.

Every 10 days, over the next 100, we will take action on an issue we all care about, STARTING TODAY.



Solidarity on Westminster Bridge

In the wake of the Westminster attack we invited you to join us on Sunday 26th March for a women’s action of solidarity.
It is important that we come together at this time when tensions intensify in our communities.

We wore blue, as a symbol of hope in the face of fear, division and hatred. We assembled on the South Side of the bridge and made our way, hands joined, to the middle of the Bridge- our chain spanning a large portion of its length. 
As Big Ben chimed 4pm we stood in silence for 5 minutes, arms outstretched, hands interlocked, sisters from diverse backgrounds, sending a message of unwavering solidarity, and paying tribute to those who lost their lives, or were injured here on Wednesday 22 March. 

Akeela Ahmed, who helped organise the gathering, told the Guardian the action was a step towards “reclaiming” the bridge from the act of terrorism. “It’s important that we say terror will not defeat and divide us and pay respects to those that died,” she said. “Keith Palmer is a hero and we are marking our respect for him and all the emergency services who protect us.”

“The image of women coming together from different communities and holding hands has significant symbolic power, particularly in the online world where so much xenophobic and racist language is shared,” Emma McNally, one of our WML core organisers told the Guardian.

“This is a simple statement of women coming together and standing together, reclaiming Westminster Bridge as an expression of solidarity in London and across the UK.”

Julie Siddiqi, who also aided WML in organising this gathering said "The reaction of this country since Wednesday has been incredible. People have rejected hate and division. It sends a positive message that we need to reach out more, not less. What happened on Wednesday is terrible and tragic, but we will not let it define our relations – we can rise above that.”  

Londoner Mary Bennett, a woman who attended said to the Evening Standard, that her presence was a "small gesture".
"I am here to show that in a quiet way we continue to go where we like and do what we like in London.
"This is my city. It's a very small gesture but life is made up of small gestures."

We encourage you to share these images, this message, or any experiences and images of your own from today on social media using the tag #WeStandTogether.

Photo: EPA

Photo: Getty Images/ AFP


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