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“London calling!  London calling!”


Donald Trump visits the UK on July 13th. His presidency has been characterised by the spreading of fear, hate and conflict worldwide.

These are not our values.

                                               On July 13 2018 , Lets Come Together and #BringTheNoise

A day of celebration, noise and action.  A day of joy, love, solidarity and resistance as we stand together in celebration of the diverse communities which make up our great city.

Women’s March London invite you to #BringTheNoise as we broadcast to the world that we stand together for Justice, Equality and Peace. Bring pots and pans; bring drums; bring musical instruments; bring your voices. We’re taking pots and pans from the domestic space of home into the public space of politics - their purpose transformed for participation, engagement and joyful noise as we bring Cacerolazo - ‘Casserole protest’ - to the heart of the city.

And we’re not just bringing the noise, we’re making sure our message will be seen as well as heard. Join us as we celebrate our diversity and come together with hope and love by wearing the most vibrant rainbow colours.  Support the fantastic organisations behind Top Trump Targets and directly help the most marginalised groups by donating, buying and wearing their bright pink merchandise. We will send a powerful message of strength and colourful solidarity.

“We will not be silenced - we will be heard

On January 21st 2017 we made global history with The Womens’ March.  The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have shown that together we are heard, together we are strong, together we bring change.

On July 13th we come together again and, again, WE WILL MAKE HISTORY

Some continue to stoke division along fault lines of fear and hatred - in pursuit of agendas driven by desire for profit, greed, power & domination. They are going about their daily business wreaking havoc - fuelling conflict; displacing vast numbers from their homes; waging war on our rights; destroying our planet. It is more important than ever that we resist.

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Supported by

Women for Refugee Women, Southall Black Sisters, Stonewall, Hope Not Hate, Pride in London, GreenPeace, Liberty, Help Refugees, Amnesty UK, Nisa Nashim Jewish and Muslim Women’s, Network, Inquest, Environmental Justice Foundation, Gendered Intelligence, Dimensions, Dahlia Project, Abortion Support Network, Fawcett Society, Operation Black Vote, Reclaim, Safe Passage, Muslim Women’s Network UK , Team Future, Best for Britain, She Speaks We Hear, Women in Leadership, End Violence Against Women coalition, Democrats Abroad UK, ActionAid UK, Verve, Oxfam GB, Fourth Wave feminists, Women For Europe, Making Herstory ,Women’s Voice, Everyday Sexism , Religions for Peace UK Women of Faith Network, Migrants Organise, Migrants Resource Centre, The Equality Trust, Asian Mums Network, Alhambra Women's Network, and Women United.


Route Map from Portland Place to Parliament Square


This route and timings have been confirmed by  Met Police Events and the GLA.

1100 : Start arriving outside the BBC at Portland Place. W1

12.00: March assembles 

12.30 : Wall of noise

March to Parliament Square via Regent Street, Piccadilly, Trafalgar Square, Whitehall.

14:00 - 16:00 : Rally in Parliament  Square 

Following the rally please clear the square quickly as directed by stewards 

Access info is available here . Phone line for accessibility enquiries only 07415821564

There is a short route point at Richmond Terrace, opposite Downing Street


Please let us know if you are planning a regional action or a post rally event so we can include it here

Please help raise funds to stage the costs of this day via the official Women’s March on London GoFundMe page:

Thanks to Emily Miller Olmstead for graphic design