On July 13th, Women’s March London is going to #BringTheNoise as we broadcast to the world that we stand together for Justice, Equality and Peace. We are a women led, intersectional movement uniting in solidarity on this day to bring a Cacerolazo - ‘Casserole protest’ - to the heart of the city.

And we want your participation!


1. Write a letter to President Trump and post it tagging @womensmarchlon on Twitter and using the hashtag #BringTheNoise.  On 23rd February 1909 two suffragettes, Daisy Solomon and Elspeth McLellan, posted themselves to 10 Downing Street in an attempt to deliver a message personally to Prime Minister Herbert Asquith. 

In the Centenary year of (some) women winning the vote we stand together again to fight for the rights of all those on the frontline of discrimination, exploitation, domination and violence.

We invite you to join us in sending a personal message to President Donald Trump.  Please send a letter to via the US Embassy in London and ask the US ambassador, Robert Wood Johnson, to deliver our messages into the President's hands when he visits on July 13th. 33 Nine Elms Ln, London SW11 7US

Let us make sure that he has plenty of letters to give him. Get some inspiration from the two below:

2.  Show us how you are going to Bring The Noise - take a photo of yourself with your casserole dish and a spoon or whatever noisemaker you want. Share it on all social channels and tag Women’s March London using the hashtag #BringTheNoise.

3. Support by sharing the fundraising link and giving whatever you can so we can create a joyful day of resistance for all.