• 10 Downing St 10 Downing Street London, England, SW1A 2AB United Kingdom

"Death by a Thousand Cuts: Women Under Austerity Demo"

Fourth Wave: London Feminist Activists are organising a demo on International Women’s Day, drawing attention to the impact that cuts have had on women. Although the big ticket items getting everyone’s attention are Trump and Brexit, it’s important we don’t forget the consequences of austerity; the harm that’s been done and the harm that will happen as a result of future cuts.

This International Women’s Day, women are being encouraged to attend corporate events with the aim of reaching equality in the boardroom. But many women don’t have the luxury of worrying about becoming CEO - they’re trying to decide between eating and putting the heating on. Thousands of women in the UK face unimaginable pressures every day and reaching leadership positions under capitalism is far from a priority. In solidarity, we’re planning a demo against unjust, ideologically-driven cuts to public services that are disproportionately felt by women. Join us!