1. What happens next?

Please see our IN GRATITUDE page for some thoughts we'd like to share with you about the march itself.
Complacency is not an option, and so we surge forward anew.
Our new initiative 10 ACTIONS (over 100 days) has officially launched.
We invite people of all genders, races, identities, ages, cultures and creeds to join our resounding chorus.

To find out more about what action participants are taking or how one can become part of this initiative, click HERE.

2. Is The Women's March on London an anti-Trump march? Why should I march against the president of another country?
The Women's March on London is not an anti-Trump march per se. Though Donald Trump's election was arguably the catalyst for a grassroots collective of women to come together and formulate the idea of the Women's March, its objective is to protect and stand up for fundamental values that have recently come under attack namely human rights, equality, dignity, safety and health. We are inviting anyone with an interest in preserving and defending those rights, to take part and show their opposition.

3. Why did you march on January 21st?
We marched on this date - a global day of action - in solidarity with people in the United States as well as people all over the world whose human rights are being threatened. The loss of human rights is a global issue that requires a global response. If fundamental human rights are being questioned then we believe we must take action and defend them; that's exactly what we are aimed to do with this march, and subsequently further with our ongoing campaigns.

4. Why call yourselves Women's March on ...?
The march was given its name by those who started this initiative in Washington DC. In solidarity, we adopted the name as the march is spearheaded BY women, but importantly is FOR everyone.

5. Is the march about women's rights?
The Women's March on London is not specifically about women's rights only. However, women's rights are human rights and for that we will gladly take to the street and march.

6. It seems like you are marching for so many different issues, none of which have anything to do with women's rights at all?

We disagree with the idea that racism, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, disability prejudice, poverty, and the environment aren't 'women's issues.' They are intertwined with women's rights because a significant proportion of women are people of colour, trans, lesbian, Muslim, disabled, economically suffering, and living on this earth.

7. Is this march only for women?
No, the march and the movement was/is open to people of any gender.  

8. I cannot attend the Women's March on London? Are there marches anywhere else? Is there another way I can take action?

Please click HERE for a list of all marches happening all over the world.

Marchers and allies can take action by spreading the word, telling us why they support the march using the hastag #whyimarch on social media, buying any of our fundraising merchandise or donating money which will be used towards covering our march costs.